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(Acts 2:46; Heb 10:24-25)

One of the first steps in getting people connected to Christ and His Body, viagra canada generic the church, is to get them involved in a small group which we call a “community group” or CG. This helps individuals connect with Christians who can love them in Christ and live out the Christian life before them as well as share the Words of Christ which can bring forth eternal life with God.


(2 Pet 3:8)

A second step is to help believers grow in Christ. We do this through our Wednesday night “Grow” classes. These classes, while open to non-believers, are designed to help Christians grow more mature in their faith. We seek to offer classes that affect every area of our lives (body, finances, marriage, parenting, theology, apologetics, evangelism, nouthetics [learning to counsel from a Biblical perspective],  and much more). We offer a spring and fall semester of such courses every year.



(Matt 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; Rom 10:13-15a)

A third step in our philosophy of ministry is “Impact”. We are called to make an impact upon our world, starting in our community,  Johnson City, TN.  We can find places of service within our church. For example, we can impact generations to come by serving in the children’s and youth ministries of the church.  Local, National, and World missions are furthered through our church.



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